Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship

What Is A Social Entrepreneurship?

Social Entrepreneurs are individual people with innovative solutions to society’s most pressing social problems.You may not be familiar with the phrase “social entrepreneurship,” but it’s quietly becoming the most powerful business model of the 21st century. Tackling global issues like poverty, malnutrition, clean air and water, and health care are foundational to an exciting new business strategy for changing the world called, social entrepreneurship.

In fact, this new initiative has the world’s leading policy makers predicting that it will not only become the most purposeful, profitable platform of our time, but also a revolutionary paradigm shift for sustainable global improvement.

Keys To A Successful Social Entrepreneur Movement…

1. Take on a Global problem

Social Entrepreneurs are relentless in their efforts to change what’s wrong in the world. The bigger the problem, the more motivated they become.

2. Develop an innovative and new solution to that problem

Innovation provides the best solutions to global problems. The business strategy, created to proliferate these solutions into society, must be easily duplicatable and scalable for fast growth in order to achieve global impact as quickly as possible.

3. Tap into the public’s passion for your cause

Connecting a powerful idea to a cause that the world can be passionate about can create an army of world-changers motivated to conquer what appears to be un-solvable problems.

4. Find creative ways to compensate the people who choose to participate

Be compensated for your efforts to change the world. Social Entrepreneurial companies seek to compensate everyone who feels a passion for their cause in direct proportion to their contribution.

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